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The Challenges of Screen Time and Homework During Remote Learning

This year’s pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, including the way we educate our children. In March, many schools quickly moved to an online model and have continued to use it into the fall this year. There have been some downsides to the transition: students have reported increased stress levels and difficulty focusing […]

The Future of Distance Learning: How Long Will This Go On?

Life as we knew it practically screeched to a halt last mid-March when the coronavirus started to spread more rapidly across the country. Millions of schools shut down and quickly shifted to distance learning. The start of a normal school day for the nation’s approximately 50 million K-12 students went from taking the school bus […]

Why Learning Pod Facilitators are Crucial for Students with Learning Differences

With the mad scramble to move education online when coronavirus hit, many parents who have children with learning differences realized that the online shift has diminished crucial elements of their child’s education. The shift to online classes has left students struggling with these issues feeling socially isolated or unable to focus during the virtual school […]

The Struggles of Distance Education and A Way to Overcome Them

With coronavirus suddenly altering every aspect of our lives, schools made a dramatic shift to virtual or distance learning back in March. This meant that video calling services like Zoom became classroom spaces for kids as young as kindergarten to graduate students at universities. Although school continued on, the new routine didn’t come without its […]