Private School Admissions

We know what it takes to make you stand out from the crowd!

The private school admissions process can be a life-changing experience for the whole family. It may seem daunting and rigorous with all the application requirements and admissions events to attend but with strategic planning, it can be a very fulfilling experience as well.

Our private school admissions consulting service aims to make your journey less stressful and geared toward success. Our premium educational consultants help plan and strategize every step to provide support and gain leverage in the admissions process.

Although most schools are test-optional, we strongly advise that students submit impressive scores to differentiate them from the other applicants. Our test prep program teaches test-taking skills, strategies, and techniques for navigating the tests to give students the confidence to undertake the whole test-taking process. We offer SSAT practice tests, ISEE practice tests, and HSPT practice tests to help your child achieve favorable scores.  

Some schools require a Proctored Writing Sample to assess a student’s aptitude and readiness to undertake the grade-level coursework. Our writing tutors can help your child prepare for the Proctored Writing Sample assessment by giving them examples of prompts they could work on, giving feedback, and editing their essay samples.    

Our expert educational consultants and coaches conduct interview preparation sessions where you and your child will receive tips and advice on how to answer the interview questions convincingly. 

Our private school admissions consulting is thorough and well-planned. We set up the stage to make you and your family stand out and be differentiated from the rest. We have a high success rate in getting families into the top and prestigious private schools such as Menlo, Castilleja, and Sacred Heart, among others.