Our Method

Our vision as educational consultants is for families to see us as their allies when it comes to helping their children engage in the most challenging tasks that they face in the education realm. Through our services, we hope to reduce stress and help people live satisfying lives as they reach for their dreams and achieve their goals.

With nearly two decades of experience in the educational consulting industry, we have developed, improved, and mastered techniques and strategies in navigating private school admissions and the college application process to top schools and universities. As we continue to earn the confidence of affluent families from different parts of the world, we continue to update and keep up with the latest trends in admissions to give our clients timely and unbiased advice. We have insider information from the most elite schools and universities and we use those insights to craft a plan and program bespoke to your needs and goals.

Our tutoring services include academic assistance to ensure that your child’s needs will be met, whether in improving grades, GPA, or preparing for SAT or ACT. If you are seeking admissions to a private school, our private school admissions consulting offers a wide range of services from tutoring, test prep, Proctored Writing Sample assistance, and interview preparation to help you navigate the admissions process smoothly.

If you are seeking help in college matriculation, we have world-class college consultants to assist you. Our college counseling program is the most trusted by sophisticated families because we are discreet, honest, and trustworthy. You can count on us to support you on your journey towards success. We do recommend that you start early so we can lay a roadmap that is less stressful and achievable. 

In everything we do, we take pride in our unique approach to helping students.