Manage your time and make school fun! 

Executive function is a set of mental and behavioral skills that are used to learn, work, and manage daily life successfully giving way to self-regulation. Most of the difficulties that students have in school are related to poor executive function skills. They suffer from the inability to focus and concentrate on their tasks, follow directions, manage their time, beat deadlines, and handle their emotions.

The three main skills of executive function are:

  1. Time Management Skills – Good time management skills will allow you to manage and maximize your time, strategize and work more effectively to finish tasks promptly, and overall get better results.
  2. Organizational Skills – A student should have the organizational skills to list and prioritize tasks and identify those which are relevant to their goals so that they can successfully accomplish tasks based on need and urgency.
  3. Study Skills – Developing essential study skills ensures that students are using their time well, effectively learning what they need to.

Developing executive function skills is an integral part of academic coaching. Great students know how to manage and organize their time to achieve success in school and still have time to do things they enjoy. Our educational consultants, coaches, and tutors help children nurture their executive functioning skills and set them on the path to becoming adults with strong self-regulation skills through our academic coaching sessions.  

Cardinal Education has nearly two decades of private school admissions and college consulting expertise, helping students and their families get into the best private schools and top colleges. We understand the struggles parents face when their children have a poor executive function. Without proper guidance and development, they would find it very difficult when they face multiple challenges at once, such as when they finally apply to college causing a lot of stress and anxiety. 

We also offer subject tutoring for students who need extra help in improving their grades or those who want to enhance their study skills. 

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