Private School Test Prep


As the admissions process into middle and high school has become increasingly competitive, student’s scores on the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT are becoming a more emphasized part of the admissions process. Every year, the curve on these tests become smaller, meaning that students need to get higher scores than previous years in order to reach the same percentiles. Our top services prepare students to become the most competitive applicants and teach them strategies to approach all test sections.

ISEE Tutoring

  • The UL math section is particularly challenging, as it goes over material most 8th graders have not seen in their classes (matrices, trigonometry, and imaginary numbers).
  • We prepare  students ahead in math by preparing them for challenging problems they may see.

SSAT Tutoring

  • The SSAT verbal section tests high-level vocabulary and involves a strong understanding of word relationships through an analogy portion.
  • With our rigorous verbal program, we focus on expanding students’ vocabularies and teaching them methodical test-taking strategies.

HSPT Tutoring

  • The HSPT has the largest time constraint of the tests.  It has a high volume of questions in a limited time frame. We prepare students to take this test quickly and accurately.
  • An important section we focus on for the HSPT is the grammar section. Our comprehensive grammar program prepares students to recognize essential English conventions and grammar rules that help them for the test and develop their writing skills.

Do I still need to take the ISEE or SSAT?

The answer depends on your situation. For a lot of students, the answer is still yes! Unless you have an otherwise perfect application (stellar GPA, outstanding extracurricular activities, and fantastic interview skills), a good standardized test score will, in most cases, be a net positive for your application. Schedule a complimentary diagnostic test and consult today!