Online Tutoring

The pandemic has brought about significant changes in the educational system all over the world. With schools shut down, teachers and administrators had to find ways to deliver lessons and hold classes through different digital platforms and online learning became the norm. It did come with some challenges though as not all schools, administration, teachers, and families were prepared for this major shift in instruction and not all students had the qualities to be successful in online learning and needed more support. 

Having been in educational consultancy for two decades, with clients coming from different parts of the globe, Cardinal Education has been using video conferencing platforms for meetings and sessions with families for quite some time. When the crisis happened, we were not only prepared, but we were also very familiar with the landscape enabling us to continue providing academic support to families around the world. 

With things slowly coming back to normal, we continue to offer the following online tutoring services to meet your needs:

  1. Subject Tutoring
    We have highly-qualified online math tutors, online history tutors, and online science tutors to give you the homework help you need to improve your grades and overall academic performance. 
  2. Language Tutoring
    Our online Spanish tutors, online Chinese tutors, and online French tutors are available to help you ace your AP Language classes.
  3. Test Prep
    We offer online SAT practice tests and online ACT practice tests for students seeking college admissions. For younger students preparing for private school admissions, we have ISEE online practice tests, SSAT online practice tests, and HSPT online practice tests.
    With this new development, we can reach out and help more families outside of our geographic radius. Wherever you may be, if you need private school admissions consulting, college counseling, test prep, and tutoring, we will be happy to help. Call us today and let us explore the possibilities! 

Online tutoring at Cardinal Education is continuously becoming popular and in demand as a learning modality because of the following reasons: 

  1. Convenience
    Online tutoring enables students to get the academic support they need in the comfort of their own homes and at the time that is most suitable for them. We will work around your availability and schedule sessions according to your preferences. 
  2. Accessibility
    Parents can now avail themselves of the best tutoring services without having to worry about logistics. We work with students from other India, UAE, Hong Kong, Ghana, and other parts of the world. In the US, despite being headquartered in Burlingame, California, families from Texas, New York, Florida, and other states, seek our admissions and tutoring services. 
  3. Personalized Instruction
    Our tutors create a learning environment that is suited for each student. We make sure that the lessons are tailor-fit to the needs of each child and that activities are designed according to the learning style to ensure academic success.

Both modalities will have their pros and cons. What is important is to know what your child needs and what will be more effective. For children who can work independently and focus on the task, online tutoring can be an option. However, if your child is easily distracted and works better with human interaction, in-person tutoring may be more effective. We offer both online and in-person tutoring to help you achieve your goals.

We meticulously note details about your child. Aside from the academic need, we also focus on your child’s personality and study habits. We also take into consideration your personal preferences like hiring a male or a female tutor, for example. From this information, we select from our pool of tutors and recommend one who we think is the best match for your child so we can achieve favorable results faster. 

Contact us today and learn about our online tutoring program. Talk with one of our educational consultants to discuss your needs and preferences and we will find the perfect tutor for you!