College Test Prep

SAT-ACT Test Prep

Cardinal Education is an industry leader for high school standardized testing. Our willingness to apply strategy, content knowledge, and rigor creates a balanced, holistic approach that is unrivaled in the industry. Our College Test Prep program focuses on the ACT and SAT standardized tests and helps students develop the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed.

Confident Test-Taking Mindset

For this program especially, we are guiding students through a very difficult and challenging process. Our dedication to making the difference for our students is unparalleled, and we help students build confidence and earn superior outcomes! We cultivate confidence through the following pillars of support:

  • Specialized Strategy
  • Frequent Practice Tests
  • Positive Reinforcement

SAT Tutoring

  • Conquering reading comprehension
  • Strengthening conceptual algebra foundations
  • Intensive focus on grammar and rhetoric

ACT Tutoring

  • Mastering pacing of math & reading sections
  • Decoding the science section
  • Developing calculator strategy


  • Making the most of extra time allotment
  • Specialized accommodation strategy

Do I still need to take the SAT or ACT?

For many, the answer is still yes! Unless you have an otherwise perfect application (stellar GPA and outstanding extracurricular activities), a good standardized test score will, in most cases, be a net positive for your college application.