History Tutoring

History tutoring provides students with the skills they need to become successful especially if they are planning to take AP History classes and eventually take the APUSH exam in preparation for their college applications. Prestigious and highly selective colleges would want to look at how well you did on your history subjects and taking AP History classes will be an advantage to your college application. 

Many students struggle with the history subject because it takes a lot of memorization and synthesis of facts and events. If you are not good at memorization, it is best to hire a history tutor who will not only help you memorize but teach you techniques on how to read textbooks and take notes the right way to effectively retain information. 

At Cardinal Education, our history tutors work with students to build up the core skills of the humanities such as active reading, critical thinking, research methods, and analytical writing. By empowering students with these skills, they learn to understand context, analyze cause and effect, and develop critical thinking to have a better grasp of events. 

So if you are looking for history tutors to give your child history homework help or to give an advantage in the history subject, call us today to learn more about our history tutoring program. We offer in-person tutoring and online tutoring for local and international students seeking admission to the best colleges and universities. 

Our educational consultants and history tutors can help with: 

AP European History

AP Government and Politics

AP US History

AP World History

Analytical Writing 

Understanding Historical Context

Synthesizing Perspectives

History tutoring will help your child develop the skills that are necessary to make it easier for them to read, understand, and memorize historical information to perform well and improve their grades. History tutoring can also help students gain leverage in their college applications. Admissions officers of highly selective colleges and elite universities give value to AP classes that applicants took in high school. Taking on advanced classes such as AP History and getting an impressive APUSH exam score will be an advantage.

Our tutors and educational consultants understand that the history subject can be quite challenging because it entails a lot of memorization and not all are gifted with that skill. Our history tutoring program teaches students notetaking skills to effectively retain information while building up on the core skills of the humanities such as active reading, critical thinking, and analytical writing. Students learn how to do scientific-based research to gain an in-depth understanding of history and how it affects the world we live in at present. For best results, our Program in Writing and Rhetoric is a perfect complement to history coaching for any grade.

Our history tutors can help you with AP European History, AP Government and Politics, AP US History, AP World History, Analytical Writing, Understanding Historical Context, and Synthesizing Perspectives. We can help you improve your grades and offer the history homework help you need.

Call us today and talk with an educational consultant! We would be happy to chat with you and discuss your child’s needs.