College Admissions

Our Process

College admissions requires a long-term approach along with a cohesive strategy based on your goals. We offer comprehensive packages that take into account every single piece of the puzzle in order to get you to where you want to be. While challenging, this can be a truly transformative and rewarding process that allows students an opportunity to thrive in college.

Our method relies on two key components: deep relationships and expert strategy. That method has resulted in incredible results. Our practice has grown to become a globally-recognized leader as we’ve guided our students through their journeys. From learning differences to applying from overseas, we have defeated every type of challenge on our way to helping a diverse group of students gain admission to elite schools.


The process begins years – not months – before the application is due and requires thoughtful planning of key checkpoints.

  • College selection
  • Class and test selection
  • Winter and summer planning
  • College visits
  • Development advising
  • Academics

We advise families on the GPA and test scores they will need in order to have a chance at their dream school. We also guide students in achieving those thresholds.

  • Test preparation
  • Academic coaching
  • Subject tutoring
  • Leadership

While important, it simply is not enough to have a strong GPA and test scores. Schools want leaders who have accomplishments in the fields that interest them.

  • Project cultivation
  • Extracurricular guidance
  • Mentorship
  • College Application

Families must be strategic about all elements of the application. Every detail tells admissions officers something different about the student.

  • Essay editing
  • Interview preparation
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Supplemental material