College Admissions

College admission is all about finding the best-fit university. This process requires a long-term approach along with a cohesive strategy based on your goals.

We offer comprehensive packages that take into account every single piece of the puzzle in order to get you to where you want to be. While challenging, this can be a truly transformative and rewarding process that allows students to succeed by providing opportunities to develop to their fullest potential and eventually meet the challenging demands of the adult world with confidence.

Our college admissions consultants rely on two key components: deep relationships and expert strategy to achieve success. These methods have resulted in incredible results for almost two decades. Our practice has grown to become a globally-recognized leader in the college admissions industry as we have guided our students through their journeys. From applicants with learning differences to international students applying from overseas, our team of experienced educational consultants has defeated every type of challenge on our way to helping a diverse group of students gain admission to top colleges and universities nationwide.

High GPA and test scores alone will not get you accepted to the country’s top schools. Finding a way to differentiate yourself from the other applicants is key which requires thoughtful and strategic guidance that leads to holistic growth and character development.

Our college counseling strategies include: