Reading and writing skills are important not only in school but also in life, as the ability to communicate well is essential to success. Unfortunately, these skills develop gradually, requiring an aggressive and consistent approach. Most people focus on developing verbal communication and spend minimal effort on improving their writing and reading skills. Students need to develop these skills early for them to gain leverage on their academic coursework.

As educational consultants who work with students on private school admissions and college counseling, we know how important it is to develop reading comprehension and writing skills in their pursuit of admission to their dream schools. Private school applications require student essays to be completed, and if applying to any of the Peninsula schools, the Proctored Writing Sample is a requirement. For college applications, the admissions essay remains to be the best differentiating factor among students. While the SAT has discontinued its essay, the ACT has an optional essay part where students can display their writing prowess and add value to their application.     

This is why we have developed our own customized Program in Writing and Reading (PWR). Our writing and reading tutors teach students how to be active, curious readers and powerfully unlock their writing ability. 

Our Program in Writing and Reading focuses on: