Personal Statements

A personal statement is an essay that an applicant has to write when applying for private schools. Some prompts or questions have to be answered within the specified word count. This is an opportunity for students to let admissions officers know more about them and demonstrate how they could be a good fit for the school. However, many students fail to achieve this goal because they are not able to write a good narrative that makes them stand out from the other applicants. 

Along with good grades, impressive test scores, and letters of recommendation, a well-written personal statement for admission can make a big difference in private school admissions. Our educational consultants understand how the admissions process worlds for top-tier schools and what admissions officers are looking for. We can help your child craft a compelling personal statement essay that will give the differentiation they need This guide will help keep your child from making common mistakes when writing personal statements. 

Show, don’t tell
Provide specific examples or tell stories to express your interests and passions. Instead of saying that you love reading, you can specify books you’ve recently read and give brief descriptions of what they are about and what you liked or learned from them.  

Minimize affluent experiences
Be careful when describing your day-to-day activities. There is no need to mention the affluent and comfortable life you have because what may seem normal to you may be out of this world to another and might alienate you from them. For example, instead of talking about horseback riding, talk about activities that highlight teamwork and collaboration.

Talking about community service
When talking about community service activities you participate in, be careful not to show arrogance. Avoid statements that make it seem like you are trying to save the world and being more blessed than others. For example, instead of saying that you feel bad and want to help the less fortunate, talk about the values you have from them.      

Minimize talking about athletic activities
We understand that for most children, sports play a very important role in their lives and would love to talk about how good they are. However, unless participation in a particular sport shows excellence or has brought golden opportunities like winning national or international championships, we don’t encourage talking about it because it will not reflect the differentiation that we need. Other students will have a lot to say about the same sport and might have achieved more than your child did. 

Our Program in Writing and Reading helps students become active and curious readers so they develop comprehension and widen their vocabulary to unlock their writing ability. We teach them the fundamentals of writing so they can their thoughts and ideas and express them in writing.  

A personal statement should demonstrate a student’s passions and interests which are unique. Remember that what we are aiming for is differentiation so think about your child’s activities that are not common among other students. If your child is into painting, consider what makes the artwork unique and how it is being used to drive change in the community or inspire others.  

Each school will have its own requirements but typically, student statements are 1000 to 3000 characters long or approximately 250 to 500 words. Admissions officers go through hundreds of personal statement essays so it is important to keep to the maximum requirement and make sure that the first statement piques their curiosity to continue reading until the last sentence. 

When writing a personal statement, focus on the question and only write relevant responses. It is very easy to get carried away and veer off course but with the limited word count, your child might not be able to express the most ideas important ideas that admissions officers are interested in.  

Yes, especially if you and your child are not very strong writers. Among all the other application requirements, the personal statement is one of the biggest factors that affect admission decisions so it must be written well enough that it creates impact and sticks to the minds of the admissions officers.  Contact us to learn more about our writing program.