Why Learning Pods Might Be the Answer for Students with Attention Difficulties

Due to coronavirus last spring and the sudden shift to online classes, parents and students alike began to notice what was missing from the educational experience going virtual. In general, students found that it was harder to focus and stay motivated when all their classes were online. Students with attention difficulties (e.g. ADHD, ADD, GAD, etc.), however, were especially struggling during that time. 

Since then, the idea of using learning pods has emerged in the forefront of educational discourse, acting as a supplement to public or private school learning. They have been around for some time, but these days, having acquired the nickname “pandemic pods,” they are becoming popular because they allow students to receive in-person instruction while keeping social interaction limited. Although they are expensive and have socioeconomic consequences, the prices of learning pods can vary depending on families’ needs.

So, what about students with attention difficulties?

For students with attention difficulties in particular, the learning pod system might work in their favor, if their families are able to provide the service. Because learning pods are made up of only a small group of students, the benefits of small class sizes are similar to how a child may thrive in a learning pod. As a supplement to remote or hybrid learning, a learning pod with a pod facilitator resembles a small class, so students can receive more individualized guidance in their studies, similar to that of a tutor. Also, the pod facilitator will keep the students on task and ensure they’re focused, preventing cell phone use or web-surfing, whereas those behaviors are more likely to happen if there is no one present to hold the students accountable.

Caption: Students with attention difficulties can greatly benefit from the learning pod experience.


Overall, if your child has attention difficulties, learning pods might be something to look into for them. Not only do they keep your child safe from the spread of coronavirus, but they are also a great way to keep your child socialized during this period of social distancing. Most importantly, of course, are the benefits of your child having a pod facilitator there to keep them focused and motivated in their studies. Whether you plan to use learning pods as an alternative or supplement to your child’s education, make sure to do your research about them, as there are many versions of learning pods that work better for different people.