Sophomore Year: College Readiness

Following freshman year, sophomore year presents a wonderful opportunity for students to pursue their academic interests and take advantage of every available opportunity for leadership. Choosing a rigorous and advanced course load sophomore year can help students avoid an overwhelming junior year and push their academic capabilities to new levels. 

Sophomore year is a fantastic time to begin the process of exploring what students’ goals are for college and then planning the next years accordingly. Broadening scope is just as important as gaining depth in particular fields of strength. Top colleges are looking for students that are both well-rounded and deeply invested in their academic interests. 

Students can give themselves a head start by beginning to strategize for standardized tests, planning meaningful summer internships, and building a track record of excellence in school. If students have not sought out opportunities to serve their community, now is the time.

In preparation for what many consider to be the most challenging year of high school, we help put students ahead of the curve as they plan for the future.