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Ten Great Books to Read for SAT/ACT Prep

The key to a great score on the SAT or ACT is to build a strong vocabulary base, and just as importantly, strong reading skills to guide you through the hoops of SAT or ACT passages. This can only come from building strong reading habits in diverse genres outside of your test prep sessions. If […]

SAT Subject Tests and What They’ll Be Replaced With

You’ve probably heard the news: SAT subject tests are on their way out. They’ve been discontinued in the United States, and starting in June, they’ll be phased out internationally as well. So, what’s a student to do? Cardinal Education is here with why this change has been made, how this will affect your application, and […]

What Extracurriculars Do Colleges Like Best?

Not all extracurriculars are created equal. As you look to expand your college resumé, or perhaps make certain parts of it more impressive, keep the following tips from Cardinal Education in mind. Follow your passions–strategically.  Rather than listing off specific programs such as speech and debate and Model United Nations, our advice is to pursue […]

Summer Programs for High Schoolers vs. Internships: Why Internships for High Schoolers Are Best

You’ve probably thought about taking college classes offered to high school students to further your exploration of certain skills. You’ve probably also thought about taking your learning outside the classroom in an internship for high schoolers. Which one should you spend your summer on? Here’s Cardinal Education’s answer as to why we prefer internships over […]

How to Avoid Competitive Majors

Maybe it’s your dream to be an engineer. Or you really love working with computers. Or you managed to score a notoriously impossible 5 on the AP Biology exam, and you took that as a sign of things to come. You may be tempted to mention on your application that you want to apply to […]

What To Do When Waitlisted

You open up the latest email from your top choice college, which says there’s an update to your application. You go to the application portal, with the moment of truth just one button click away: here is where you find out whether you’re going to your top choice in the fall. Taking a deep breath, […]