Are you a Wellesley student passionate about mentoring others? Join Cardinal Education!

Mentorship is a largely underappreciated aspect of helping students attain their goals. We know that Wellesley students have the capability to mentor students to the best version of themselves. As such, Cardinal Education is committed to hiring Wellesley students for our part-time tutoring jobs or our full-time options. Tutoring jobs that fit students’ needs are often difficult to find. At Cardinal Education we understand that you would want to prioritize your education; our part-time tutoring jobs work around your schedule. Our tutors teach the subject that they are most comfortable in and are among the highest-paid tutors across the country. We also offer full-time jobs in education. Our Educational Consultant position gives you teaching experience in addition to business development experience. You would learn more about the essential functions of an educational consultancy.

You would be a large part of a student’s path toward their goals. Families rely on us to give them recommendations to help their students progress. Consultants and part-time tutors work with management to make sure that you are developing the skills you want to develop. educational consultancy. From a client relationship perspective to a more operative perspective, we hope to give our staff the skills they need to be successful!


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