Are you a Swarthmore student who is passionate about education? Come join our team!

Students attending any university understand the financial burden that comes with it. Books, rent, and bills are among the few things that come to mind. Cardinal Education wants to help reduce that tension by working with our team as a part-time tutor. Our part-time tutoring jobs have the flexibility to schedule around your personal availability and you would be able to teach the subjects that you are confident in. We offer a wide range of services, so there is a role for you. From teaching specific subjects to working in test preparation, we are confident that you can thrive at Cardinal Education.

For those interested in a full-time job, we also offer the Educational Consultant role where you would gain business development experience in addition to teaching experience. You gain valuable networking experience as you get matched with more students. All of our staff are trained by elite educators to help mentor their students and become trusted allies to families. We help families make decisions that will profoundly impact their student’s educational journey.


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