We are looking for Northwestern University students to work with our students!

If you are looking for your next career steps, we are confident you will find an opportunity with Cardinal Education. We are looking for Northwestern University alumni and students who are interested in mentoring students. As an educator for Cardinal Education, you will have the chance to be trained by professionals while instilling knowledge within your students. As a part-time tutor, you will have the flexibility to schedule around your own availability, teach the subject you are good at, and help students become more confident inside and outside of the classroom. We also offer full-time jobs in education, the educational consultant role is one where you can gain vital experience on the teaching end and also learn about business development.

Educational consultants are staff members that work for Cardinal Education full-time. They are gaining the knowledge necessary to advise families of the next steps for a student’s academic goals. You will be a vital part of a student’s path toward success. Families rely on consultants to help them navigate the changing educational landscape. Consultants will meet weekly with a managerial staff member to discuss how to build on their current skills. You will be a vital part of a student’s path toward success. In addition, consultants will learn more about the back-end operations of an educational consultancy. From a client relationship perspective to a more operative perspective, we hope to give our staff the skills they need to be successful!


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