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As one of the first formal institutions for higher education in the United States, the College of William and Mary has produced countless prolific individuals. The history of the institution coupled with the rigor it has creates a unique location where students can prosper. Cardinal Education is actively hiring William & Mary students because of these reasons. For current students, we understand that college has become increasingly difficult because of the costs associated with attending any university. From housing to books, these expenses build up and many students must take on a part-time jobs.

Cardinal Education provides part-time tutoring jobs for college students. These flexible part-time jobs allow students to prioritize their studies while also making the money to pay for the things they need. Furthermore, as one of the highest-paying tutoring jobs, you would not need to work as many hours. This would free up time for you to study more or give yourself a bit of a break, as college can be a stressful time.

We are offering full-time educational consultant positions to excellent William and Mary students because of the high performance in your academic careers. This role is unique as you learn more about the business development aspect of running an educational consulting firm. This comes in addition to the teaching experience you obtain. The skills developed over time are easily transferable to other fields.


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