In our experience, Asian Americans need much more help in The Athenian School admissions process.

The Athenian School offers day and boarding school programs for students in middle and upper schools. Its goal is to prepare students for the rigor and challenges of college and beyond. Students learn and master academics through experiential activities including the Athenian Wilderness Experience (AWE) which is a 26-day wilderness backpacking program to promote personal growth and develop a sense of community. All students are required to participate in this activity before graduation. How hard is it to get into The Athenian School? Admission can be very competitive because the admission committee seeks students with strong academic records who are ready to take on its challenging curriculum. As private school consultants with two decades of experience in helping Asian Americans gain admission to the best schools, we can guide you in navigating The Athenian School admissions process. Our tutors and academic coaches are experts in admissions consulting, tutoring, interview preparation, writing exercise preparation, and writing student and parent statements.


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