We help Asian Americans successfully navigate the My City School admissions process.

My City School is focused on providing education for middle schoolers with learning disabilities. The school offers a hands-on learning experience through its small class sizes with a 3:1 ratio and educational pods. It thrives on the belief that students with learning disabilities have a high potential for greatness if provided with dynamic modes of education like multisensory instruction. Experiential learning plays a big part in the students’ curriculum where they engage in activities outside the classroom 1-2 times per week. By designing a unique learning experience that fosters a love of learning, children are able to succeed academically and emotionally.

As unaffiliated independent educational consultants, we understand how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into top private schools like My City School. Our educational consultants can work with you through our private school admissions consulting to make your child stand out in the My City School admissions process.


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