What does a private school admissions consultant do?

A private school admissions consultant helps families navigate the complex admissions process to private schools. We offer a range of services including the assessment of academic profile and extracurricular activities, creating a school list that aligns with the student’s profile, and providing support with the application process. To ensure that students are presenting the best version of themselves, we also assist with writing essays and personal statements, preparing for admissions interviews, and strategizing to improve the chances of acceptance. Among the most important strategies that admissions consultants help with are choosing the right extracurricular activities and delegating recommendation letters that will surely boost the application profile. 

Additionally, we also offer test prep to help students achieve the best scores possible in the SSAT, ISEE, or HSPT. In the Bay Area, many private schools remain test-optional and test-blind but require a Proctored Writing Sample, an online writing test administered by Test Innovators. Many students find this challenging, so we came up with a writing program where writing tutors teach strategies for crafting responses to various prompts.  

Our private school admissions consulting is holistic and goes beyond admissions. We equip students not only with the skills they need to get into the top schools in the Bay Area, but we also help them develop life skills, study skills, and social skills that will help them become successful as they continue their academic careers.