What should I do if my child is put on a waitlist or is deferred?

If your child is put on a waitlist, When your student is placed on a waitlist or deferred from a private school in the Bay Area, it is important to be proactive to improve your chances of ultimately being accepted. These are the steps we advise families to take in such situations

  1. Demonstrate continued interest. Send an email expressing your continued interest in attending the school and your commitment to attend if accepted. 
  2. Give updated information. Make sure the admissions officers are updated with new information or developments since submitting your application. Examples of these are improved grades, new awards or achievements, or participation in meaningful extracurricular activities. 
  3. Submit additional materials. Some schools allow waitlisted or deferred students to submit additional materials to demonstrate continued growth and achievements, such as an updated resume, an additional letter of recommendation, or a new personal statement or admissions essay.
  4. Be active and present. Attend information sessions or campus tours to stay engaged with the community. 
  5. Explore other options. While waiting for a decision, start exploring other options, like researching other schools or making plans for a gap year if necessary.