St. Mark’s School of Texas Admissions | What You Need to Know to Get In

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Dallas, Texas is home to the prominent college-preparatory St. Mark’s School of Texas, which serves boys in grades 1 through 12. Originally named Terrill School for Boys, it was established in 1906 by Yale graduate, M.B. Terrill as a little boarding and day school. Today, It continues to uphold its longstanding reputation for excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts while serving more than 900 boys. Families that seek the greatest education possible for their children attend this top-ranked private high school in Texas. 

St. Mark’s aims to give young men the tools they need to be leaders in a world that is both competitive and changing. The School proclaims and upholds several concepts, including the obligation to stand up for one’s convictions.

How to Get Into St. Mark’s School of Texas

Admission to St. Mark’s Texas is highly competitive, and the process involves multiple factors. Students who demonstrate academic excellence through high grades and test scores have significant leadership positions in extracurricular activities, and strong recommendation letters from teachers and mentors are at an advantage. All these factors take time to achieve, so we recommend that you prepare early to build an impressive profile to increase your chances of getting in.

Private school admissions consultants offer valuable assistance in navigating the admissions process and preparing for the admissions requirements. Through various services like tutoring, test prep, and academic coaching, your child will achieve the grades and test scores that will meet the standards of admissions officers.

St. Mark’s School of Texas Admissions 

The St. Mark’s School of Texas admissions process begins with creating an account at the application portal where you find all the steps, requirements, and deadlines. 

  1. Schedule an interview
    1. On-campus interview
    2. Virtual interview
    3. Campus visit with an interview
  2. Request records from the current school
  3. Request teacher evaluations from the current math and English teachers
  4. Submit ISEE test scores
  5. Complete the student essay

St. Mark’s School of Texas Application Requirements

Admissions Interview

After submitting the initial application, you can select the type of interview that is most convenient for you and your son from among three options: an on-campus interview, a virtual interview, or a campus visit combined with an interview. Campus visits are not required, and there is no recommended way of undergoing the admissions interview. 

While your son’s academic performance history is important, the admissions team also wants to know more about his personality and your family’s values and culture to see how you fit with the school community. It is important to come prepared with answers that will appeal to the interviewer, but are honest and truthful. Our admissions consultants know the most common interview questions that St. Mark’s School of Texas admissions officers will ask, so they can help you identify which stories and anecdotes about your lives are worth sharing. Nobody does interview preparation like we do.


Applicants are required to submit a copy of their previous transcripts for the admissions committee to determine if they are equipped with the academic skills necessary to take on the rigorous curriculum at St. Mark’s.

If you begin your private school admissions consulting journey with us early, our tutors will help your son achieve his academic goals and get high grades. We offer diagnostic tests and tutoring for different subjects—both online and in person—taking care to focus on subjects that your son finds more difficult. Our academic coaches provide a holistic approach to your child’s learning through academic coaching, instilling executive function skills, such as time management, organizational skills, and note-taking skills. With Cardinal Education’s expertise, you will impress admissions officers with your polished, top-tier transcript.

Teacher Evaluations

Middle school and upper school applicants must delegate current or previous math and English teachers to write evaluations or letters of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation are an essential part of the application process for St. Mark’s School of Texas because they provide the admissions committee with insight into your son’s character and academic performance, which are indicators of his potential to grow and prosper at the school. Our educational consultants are aware of the finest methods for obtaining recommendations that highlight your child’s abilities and potential and provide them with an advantage throughout the selection process. 

ISEE Test Scores

Applications from students in grades 5 through 11 must include their most recent ISEE results. Many private schools use the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) as an admission test to assess the qualifications of applicants. Essay writing, reading comprehension, math, and logic are all included. Here is where you may sign up for the exam. 

Our ISEE practice test not only focuses on the test items, but we also teach test-taking strategies to make your child confident and composed during the exam. ISEE tutors will also prepare him for the essay part, which can be quite challenging because of the limited time given to answer a prompt. The key to achieving the best test score is early preparation and sufficient ISEE test prep exercises.

Student Essay / Personal Statement

All middle and upper school applicants must write a student essay/admissions essay that will reveal your child’s personality, character, and interests. This is an excellent chance to highlight your child’s traits, which might not come through in the other application criteria. It could be quite tough to respond to questions regarding one’s own life experiences, and overcoming obstacles, hopes, goals, and objectives. To set your child apart from the other applicants and make an impression on the admissions committee, we will assist in selecting the ideal anecdotes and offer writing advice.

St. Mark’s School of Texas Famous Alumni

  • Robert Hoffman – businessman and owner of Coca-Cola Bottling Group (Southwest) Inc. together with his father, co-founder of National Lampoon
  • James F. Chambers Jr – former president, publisher, and chairman of the board of the Dallas Times Herald, wrote about the killing of Bonnie and Clyde
  • Charles Olivier – multi-awarded film and television writer, producer, playwright, journalist, and editor
  • Tommy Lee Jones – award-winning actor, recipient of an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and Emmy Award 
  • Charlie Nearburg – founder of Nearburg Exploration, one of the largest oil and gas explorers, unparalleled race car driver
  • Evan Daugherty – screenwriter famous for his works on Snow White and the Huntsman, Divergent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more
  • Owen Wilson – popular actor known for comedy films like Shanghai Noon, Starsky & Hutch, Wedding Crashers, among others
  • Paul Wylie – figure skater and 1992 Olympic silver medalist
  • Steven D. Wolens – served as a state representative for 24 years and is considered one of the greatest legislators of the modern era
  • Jeffrey Swann – a multi-awarded classical pianist, performed and received accolades in the U.S., Italy, Belgium, and Poland

Life at St. Mark’s School of Texas

St. Mark’s School of Texas is known for promoting an environment in which academically gifted young men can explore their talents, both in and out of the classroom. After school and outside of their designated learning time, St. Mark’s offers many traditions and activities, such as the Pecos Wilderness Trip, for students to build connections with their peers, as well as learn important life skills. This ten-day required outdoor education activity allows the men of St. Mark’s to delve into the great outdoors, as well as serves as a rite of passage for students as they enter their high school years. Some other notable campus life activities include several formal dances, a McDonald’s fundraising event, and a heartwarming commencement ceremony to commemorate their time as a Lion.

St. Mark’s School Academics

St. Mark’s curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills in core competencies in English, social studies, foreign languages, mathematics, science, and fine arts. Young boys are encouraged to become independent and critical thinkers as they engage in classroom discussions, projects, elective courses, and extracurricular activities. The challenging academic program is geared toward helping students prepare for college and ensure their success in their chosen fields.

St. Mark’s School Athletics

At St. Mark’s School of Texas, students can participate in all sorts of athletic activities, including fencing, volleyball, football, wrestling, water polo, and many others. The Lions are known for their successful seasons, accumulating many victories throughout the years. From world-class training facilities to spacious fields, the St. Mark’s boys never fall short of opportunities when it comes to their athletic endeavors. And those who particularly shine in their sport can count on plenty of exposure to scouts from prestigious universities looking to recruit some collegiate-level players.

St. Mark’s School Arts

From drama to woodworking, to band and choir, to painting, to photography, St. Mark’s School of Texas offers a vast array of creative outlets for its young men, cultivating an atmosphere of self-expression and a willingness to try new things. At St. Mark’s, teachers and other faculty dedicate themselves to helping students grow in self-confidence and develop lifelong hobbies coinciding with the arts. With great stage spaces and all the necessary equipment, the St. Mark’s experience will provide your son with all the creative outlets he needs to flourish into a confident young man.

Did You Know?

There are 56 Fine Arts courses offered at St. Mark’s with 18 YoungArts Finalists in the past 10 years. 

Client Testimonial

We started working with Cardinal Education in seventh grade in preparation for high school admissions. The tutors were incredibly patient and dedicated, and our whole family felt confident and prepared when it came time to start the application process. My son is now a happy and successful 10th-grade student at St. Mark’s.

Parents of a 10th-grade student