The ability to storytell is central to being a convincing lawyer. Whose story will you tell next?

Writing in the field of law can, admittedly at times, be a mundane and tedious task Yet, in the presentation of the hours of notes and organization, a compelling story is presented. In all cases, lawyers are attempting to create a story that will convince their client that is in the right.

This convincing narrative is core to college essay writing. A successful narrative is composed of multiple things: Were you able to portray your student in the right light? Did you appeal to the likes and dislikes of the school? Was all of the information you provided thoughtful and insightful or did it detract from what the narrative really is? These, among other things, are what is required to be successful in editing college application essays.

At Cardinal Education, we are specialists in assisting students to develop and refine their own personal narratives. We are currently hiring for our college team editor position. If you are looking for a change of pace before entering law school this opportunity is for you! We want people who are confident in their ability to develop a narrative alongside the student that portrays the student as they wish to be. With this opportunity, you will be able to refine or develop skills that will be essential in other professions you wish to pursue. Given that students are applying to colleges and they have a deadline, staff learn how to manage their time, prioritize, and collaborate to ensure that their student’s essay is as good as it possibly can be. In addition, you will have networking opportunities through the families you are working with!


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