Are you a Washinton University in St. Louis student looking for a job in education?

College can be tough for anyone to go through. The hectic nature of going to class, studying, and working can be stressful. Expenses like rent, books, utilities, and meals can quickly pile up. We would like to help ease that stress by providing flexible part-time jobs for college students.

If you are a WashU student looking for a part-time job, we can help. As a part-time tutor for Cardinal Education, you would be able to teach what you are confident in and have the flexibility to schedule around your availability. We need student tutors who can work alongside us to attain kids’ goals. We are opening the role to Washington University students because we know that you can mentor students toward success. As a part of our team, you would be mentored by expert educational consultants and become a part of a company where you can grow!

If you are a great student and love working with students, apply today!


    Become a tutor with Cardinal Education.

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