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Many students start to develop their careers once they set foot in the educational institution that they will attend for the rest of their undergraduate career. This experience is filled with new opportunities for personal and professional growth. What becomes difficult is finding a way to manage your time to make sure you are on top of your classes while being able to pay off any expenses that come your way. From housing to books, these expenses can accumulate over time.

Cardinal Education would like to ease some of the stress you experience. We offer part-time tutoring jobs for UT Austin students. This flexible part-time job allows you to schedule sessions based on your availability. As one of the highest-paying tutoring companies in Silicon Valley, you would be able to work fewer hours and make comparable money to most other part-time jobs on campus. For those interested in pursuing education as a career, this role gives you more experience towards our full-time Educational Consultant role.

This full-time position gives you education as well as business development experience. This role is unique in the sense that you are working with senior-level executives through the families you would be matched with. The networking opportunities that are available make this a role that gap year students find favorable. We understand that not everyone wants a career in education but we make this role available to gap year students as the skills you develop are easily transferable to other fields.


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