Are you a UMD College Park student interested in a flexible part-time job?

The University of Maryland, College Park students are among the most talented students in the nation. The expectations that are set on you as a part of your school are difficult to attain, yet many students find success there. More recently, however, many students find themselves having to prioritize their part-time job over studying. Cardinal Education stands by the fact that students should not have to sacrifice studying to make sure they have enough money for college. We offer students flexible part-time jobs that work around their schedules. In addition, we are among the highest-paying tutoring companies in Silicon Valley. We tutor for all subjects; our part-time tutors have the benefit of teaching what they are confident in.

We are offering full-time educational consultant positions to UMD students because of the high level of excellence in their academic careers. These roles would have you trained by elite educators who have worked with multiple unique students. You would become a mentor to students as you help them attain their academic and personal goals. Your role is vital in the development of your student. Furthermore, you would gain business development experience that can be transferred to many different fields.


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