Are you a Stanford student tutor looking for a part-time job near you?

As the school year is moving along, we understand that there are many costs associated with your Stanford education like rent, utilities, buying books, meals, and other personal expenses. Having a part-time tutoring job with Cardinal Education can help you pay off things that matter to you!

We are offering part-time tutoring jobs for Stanford students because we believe that you exhibit excellence and high performance in your academic careers. You will have the opportunity to be trained by professional tutors and mentor other students as you help them reach their goals.

We need excellent Stanford students to fill tutoring jobs in Stanford, California where many of our families live. You will have the flexibility to set your own schedule and work when it’s most convenient for you. We offer high-paying tutoring jobs for online tutors and in-person tutors for the core subjects as well as test-prep tutors.

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