Are you a Princeton student looking for a job in education?

The prestige of attending Princeton University is seated within history as one of the oldest universities in the United States. Princeton students have worked to live up to this deep history and have become one of the most in-demand talent pools in the nation. Students attending or who have graduated from Princeton have a strong background in multiple subject areas. This is why a part-time tutoring job or full-time consultant position with Cardinal Education is a good option!

We are offering part-time academic coaching and full-time educational consultant roles. You would work with students from Silicon Valley, some of which plan to attend the very same university that you have. The high performance and standard of excellence are another one of the reasons we are offering positions to Princeton students.

Staff at Cardinal Education have the opportunity to develop different facets of their skill set. We provide our staff with elite training coming from some of the best professional tutors in the United States. They also gain experience in business development as part of the full-time role. Full-time consultants will be placed in one of our divisions that handle critical operations to run an educational consultancy.


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