Are you interested in a gap year program where you can gain experience to enhance your application?

What is a gap year? Often after college, recent graduates are unsure of what their next career steps may be. A gap year is taken by individuals who are looking to enhance their graduate school application with work experience, volunteering, or internships. Gap-year jobs are a great way to gain experience while making money that can be used for expenses incurred during your graduate studies. We have worked with staff who wanted to apply after a gap year before med school, law school, or the graduate program of their choosing. Applying for a graduate program can be time-consuming, so we also provide you the flexibility to attend any events, interviews, or meetings necessary for your application.

As a Gap Year Consultant for Cardinal Education, you are positioned to gain experience in project development, time management, and education. You would assist students in middle school and high school as they navigate their educational goals. This role is more than being a tutor for a student, you become their role model. As you have most recently navigated the college academic system, your advice, and knowledge are invaluable to the students you would potentially work with. The skills gained at Cardinal Education are easily transferable to other industries as all of our staff works on project management, refining communication skills, and networking. We understand that a future in education is not everyone’s career goal and support staff in their career paths beyond Cardinal Education.


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