Are you passionate about teaching?

Education is a career that many people are turning to. It brings value to people’s careers and brings a great sense of satisfaction. The difficulty for those passionate about education is to find a role that pays well and gives you the experience that you need. As an educator for Cardinal Education, you will be able to teach the subjects that you are confident in. Our part-time tutors work with students on subjects ranging from writing to calculus. In addition, our part-time staff has the opportunity to schedule around their availability. For recent graduates, we offer full-time jobs in education; the educational consultant role has teaching experience in addition to business development experience. The work that you do with your students has a profound impact on the student’s academic success and personal confidence.

Our staff is a vital part of a student’s success. Our families rely on us to help them navigate the educational landscape. Our staff working with students have a weekly meeting with one of our managerial staff to discuss how to develop their skills. We want to ensure that you grow as a professional and are able to attain your personal goals. We understand that education may not be your career in the future, however, the skills you learn are transferable to any professional environment.


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