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Amherst University is the home of many talented individuals. These college students looking for jobs, often find it hard to find something that suits their needs. They require a flexible part-time job that also provides them with the opportunity to grow. Here at Cardinal Education, we can provide that. We understand that as a student it may be hard to find a part-time job that pays what is needed to focus on studies and have a little extra spending money. As a part-time tutor for Cardinal Education, you would work alongside professionals that care about your educational career.

For upcoming graduates or alumni, we have full-time roles as Educational Consultants. Our educational consultants work with families to attain their educational goals. In addition, you receive valuable business development information. We pride ourselves as an education company that is run by educators. Thus, a unique role is formed from both of these major responsibilities. The skills gained at Cardinal Education are easily transferable to other industries as all of our staff works on project management, refining communication skills, and networking. We understand that a future in education is not everyone’s career goal and support staff in their career paths beyond Cardinal Education. Many gap-year students have worked with us and have eventually transitioned into their Master’s, Law, or Medicine programs. We have assisted many of these staff members with the flexibility to go to important events and also with letters of recommendation from our management.


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