How Distance Learning Can Help Improve Basic Skills

A boy reads a book as mathematical equations float above him. Basic skills are crucial to developing more advanced skills.

This fall, due to COVID-19, many schools have opted for remote learning, or hybrid modeling that combines online with in-person. While this shift has certainly impacted students and parents alike, it’s not the end of the world. Distance learning can help improve basic skills, especially for younger students, or students with learning differences. With the child spending more time at home than in a usual school semester, they can focus on areas in which they lack, and build up skills to that when schools return to in-person learning, they will be ready to accomplish more than ever. 

Brushing Up On The Basics

As children continue their academic journey, they will constantly be building on a basic set of skills. If one basic skill is lacking in comparison to the others, this effect will be felt all the way from kindergarten to senior year if not addressed. During an otherwise uncertain time, take advantage of your child being at home and online more and have them brush up on some basics.

Using extra time to improve basic skills such as the math times tables, spelling, and/or handwriting can help your child in their future. More importantly, it can also give them the confidence they need to succeed. While these skills may seem insignificant, especially if your child is older, it’s never a bad idea to check into them. For younger students, they can practice these basic skills, and for older students, they can check to make sure they haven’t forgotten the basics as they’ve progressed in their studies.

Resources for Enforcing Basic Skills

Here a few resources for improving your child’s basic skills:

Membean is an interactive tool for vocabulary building. This online platform utilizes multiple learning pathways to help users encode new words. Even the most advanced young readers can benefit from membean’s comprehensive word-learning exercises. 

Spellzone is an online resource that helps with American English spelling. Whether your student speaks English as their first language or third, this dynamic tool can provide extra practice for their spelling.

CoolMath Games is a gamer’s paradise. Do you have a child that loves to spend too much time playing online games? With CoolMath Games, they can have fun while also brushing up on their basic math skills. The website includes strategy, skill, logic, and number games so everyone can find something.

The California Department of Education has also comprised a list of free education resources for distance learning. These include all subjects, and all grade levels from K-12. Some of the resources include phonetic practice, handwriting practice, math and science resources, and even music assignments. 


A young girl reads a book. Mastering the basics will help your child succeed in the future.

Daily life has changed under COVID-19, and your child’s fall semester is no exception. Yet, that doesn’t mean this is a time to allow your student to fall even further behind in their studies. Distance learning can allow your student to build on basic skills they may be lacking, or simply brush up on basics they haven’t focused on in a while. Distance learning may come with its own set of challenges, but your student being able to improve and work towards success is certainly a positive.