We make Asian Americans stand out in Branson admissions.

Located in Ross, CA, The Branson School is ranked as the best high school for STEM and the best college prep private high school in Marin County. It offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum that aims to foster a life of integrity, joy, learning, and purpose for its students. With a matriculation rate of 100%, graduates pursue four-year courses at top-rated colleges and universities.

How hard is it to get into Branson? As one of the best private high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, many families compete for admission every year. Our educational consultants can help you get differentiated in the following application requirements:

1. Recommendation Letters
2. Transcript
3. Admissions Interview
4. Parent Statement
5. Student Statement

Our private school admissions consultants know how to make Asian Americans differentiate themselves in The Branson School admissions process.


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