We believe that Asian Americans need more help in the Stanford Online High School admissions process.

Recognized as the best online high school in America, Stanford Online High School is an independent school for gifted and academically talented students founded by Stanford University in 2006. Initially funded by the Malone Family Foundation, SOHS’ four-year interdisciplinary Core Sequence focuses on critical thinking and argumentation through a rigorous curriculum that includes a high number of accelerated, AP, and university-level courses. Students are challenged at every level with an individualized schedule that places them in course levels determined by their individual ability, not by grade level. Our unbiased advice as independent consultants opens the door of opportunity for your Asian American child to be part of one of the best high schools in the country. Let us help you go through the Stanford Online High School admissions process.


    We make the admissions process an informed and stress-free experience.

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