In our experience, Asian Americans need more help in St. Luke’s School admissions.

St. Luke’s School is a private, coeducational Episcopal day school that admits students from Pre-K through Grade 8. The school incorporates a social-emotional framework in its curriculum that fosters better learning and decision-making, self-awareness, and creativity. A Service Learning program allows students to experience leadership opportunities and learn about society and the interconnectedness of people through partnerships with the local community. The school provides many avenues for exploration, growth and development, and discovery, such as the Arts program, Athletics, the Grace Sawyer Library, After School Programs, and the Chapel. Cardinal Education understands how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into the top private schools such as St. Luke’s School. We know what it takes to navigate and let your child stand out in the St. Luke’s School admissions process.


    We can help you successfully go through the St. Luke’s School admissions process.

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