We know how to make Asian Americans stand out in the Sidwell Friends School admissions process.

Sidwell Friends School is a pre-K through grade 12 Quaker day school in Washington, DC. It is regarded as the best high school for STEM and the best private high school in the District of Columbia, and is also ranked among the top 15 best private K-12 schools in America. It is dedicated to assisting students in learning outside of the traditional classroom for a more thorough investigation of their interests and for the improvement of their abilities.

How hard is it to get into Sidwell Friends? It can be quite hard, especially for Asian Americans. The admissions process is highly selective and the Sidwell Friends acceptance rate is low. Our admissions consulting offers help in the following:

1. Math, Reading, and Writing Assessment
2. Parent Interview
3. Teacher Recommendations/Recommendation Letters
4. Transcript
5. Standardized Testing
6. Parent Statement

Find out how to successfully navigate the Sidwell admissions process with our admissions consultants.


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