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College admissions can be highly overwhelming to a lot of families. There are a multitude of admissions requirements to submit and several admissions events to attend. Our admissions experts know exactly what you will have to go through to get into your dream school. Although Riviera Preparatory School has its own Counseling Department to support its students as they embark on their admissions journey, these college counselors work with multiple students at any given time. At Cardinal Education, our educational consultants work hand-in-hand with an incredibly low number of students. This allows our experts to provide our students with a highly personalized time to address their needs and boost their chances of getting in. From your SAT scores, ACT scores, and GPA to personal preferences, goals, and values, we make full use of every puzzle piece to craft bespoke packages and help you stand out in the college application process. Contact us to learn more about how to make admissions officers remember your application.


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