If you’re Spanish-speaking, we can help you go through the Phillips Academy admissions process successfully!

Regarded as one of the best boarding schools in the U.S., Phillips Academy values international students as much as Americans. There is an international student coordinator who provides on-campus support to foreign students. There are various clubs and organizations for different nationalities where students can participate and share their culture, religion, and other practices.

To get into Phillips Academy as a foreign student from a country or a school where English is not the primary language, you have to submit TOEFL iBT, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test scores. We have language tutors who can help you prepare for these exams and make sure you submit the best scores possible. Our educational consultants will also help you with all the other elements of the admissions process such as:

1. Admissions Interview
2. SSAT practice tests
3. ISEE practice tests
4. Graded Writing Sample
5. Essay
6. Parent Statement
7. Recommendation Letters
8. Character Skills Snapshot

We are experts in Phillips Academy admissions for Spanish-speaking students!


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