We understand that Asian Americans need more help in the Oakwood School admissions process.

Oakwood School is a K-12 co-educational independent day school in LA. It aims to provide a learning community that fosters independent thought, integrity, and compassion and prepares students to be successful in college and beyond. Students enjoy an educational experience that challenges their physical, intellectual, and creative skills and guides them in the pursuit of their passions and strengths through a wide array of visual and performing arts. We understand how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into top private schools like Oakwood School in LA. Preparation is key when it comes to successful applications. Our educational consultants, tutors, and academic coaches can help you improve your GPA through tutoring and academic coaching. We also have writing tutors who can help you write powerful essays and personal statements. As independent private school admissions consultants, we can make your child stand out in the Oakwood School admissions process.


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