We understand that Asian Americans need more help in Mirman School admissions.

Mirman School is a private school that caters to highly gifted students from lower to upper school. Its goal is to develop both the academic and social-emotional growth of students by nurturing their talents and skills to maximize their potential. The lower school program is focused on project-based learning where they are given the tools to explore and pursue their interests as they work closely with peers. As they transition to middle and upper school, they are given leadership opportunities to help them engage with others and become responsible members of society. One of the school’s signature programs is LEAP where professionals of diverse backgrounds visit and conduct seminars with the students to enlighten them and pique their interests in other fields and pursue moonshot projects. MirmanX, a school program that supports startup projects by providing resources and professional advising, then helps materialize these passion projects. The students get to keep 100% of their intellectual property and project funding is fully derived through donations.

As unaffiliated independent educational consultants, we understand how hard it is for Asian Americans to get into top private schools like Mirman School. Our educational consultants can work with you through our private school admissions consulting to make your child stand out in the Mirman School admissions process.


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