We help Asian Americans achieve success in Loyola High School of Los Angeles admissions.

Because of the rigorous and challenging curriculum for high school students, such as Honors and AP classes, Loyola High School graduates have a high matriculation rate to elite colleges and universities. Many families strive to gain admission to this exclusive Catholic School, including Asian Americans. However, based on our experience, Asian Americans need much more help in private school admissions. Cardinal Education is a trusted and globally recognized private educational consulting firm. Our expert admissions consultants can help you navigate the Loyola High School admissions process successfully and with less stress. We provide writing services, private school admissions consulting, tutoring, academic advising, test prep, admissions interview preparation, and college counseling services to families in Los Angeles. Our expertise runs deep and wide, and we can help you with every step of your school applications, may it be your admissions requirements, admissions events, or the entire application process!


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