Asian Americans can also ace the Junipero Serra High School admissions.

Junipero Serra High School is an all-boys school recognized as one of the best Catholic high schools in the Los Angeles Area. Students can take Honors and AP classes to build academic excellence and prepare them for the rigor of the college curriculum. Serra is ranked as one of the best high schools for athletes in the Los Angeles Area, with basketball and Serra HS football as the most popular sports among many others.

Serra Gardena has competitive admissions, since they only choose applicants who genuinely want to preserve the school’s spiritual principles and have a solid academic background. If you believe you possess the necessary skills, we can assist you in navigating Junipero Serra admissions.
We will guide you in the following:

2. Recommendation Letters
3. Transcript
4. Admissions Interview
5. Parent Statement
6. Student Statement

We have helped numerous Asian American families in gaining admission to Serra High School. We can also assist you!


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