Are you looking for a Jewish School in California? JCHS might be a fit for you!

Located in San Francisco, California, the Jewish Community High School is a small, independent college preparatory institution. JCHS is a well-regarded Jewish school in America that strives to instill Jewish principles, universal wisdom, and in-depth learning in its students.

How challenging is admission to JCHS? Tests are not required for entrance, and the secret to being admitted is to convince the admissions officers that your child is an exceptionally gifted critical thinker. Our admissions consultants are knowledgeable on how to highlight your Asian American child in the different application requirements.

1. Admissions Interview
2. Parent Statement
3. Student Essay / Personal Statement
4. Teacher Recommendation / Recommendation Letters
5. Academic Portfolio

As independent private school admissions consultants. Let us help you navigate the JCHS admissions process.


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