Asian Americans need to stand out in the Friends Academy admissions process to be successful.

Located in Locust Valley, NY, Friends Academy is ranked as the best PK, K-12 private school in Nassau County. Its curriculum is deeply rooted in Quaker values to guide students in becoming caring and confident adults. Students engage in a variety of arts like music, visual arts, theater, and dance where they discover their own passions and become the best version of themselves. Friends Academy has a successful history of student-athletes going on to compete at colleges and universities that are a good fit both academically and athletically. Admission can be competitive, especially for Asian Americans because many families are interested in sending their kids here. Let us help you find ways to stand out as you navigate the Friends Academy admissions process. Our admissions consultants and tutors are experts in private school admissions, tutoring, interview preparation, test prep, and SSAT practice tests.


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