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In order to get into their dream school, students face a rigorous and daunting college admissions process. Strategic and meticulous planning is a crucial step that students have to take to succeed. Although Fairmont Schools has its own college counseling program, counselors work with numerous students at any given time. With a student-to-counselor ratio of 78:1, students might not be able to have the essential personal time to gain support and increase their chances of acceptance to top colleges. At Cardinal Education, we work one-on-one with students from Fairmont Schools – San Juan Capistrano Campus to walk them through the often-described as intimidating college admissions process. Our dedicated admissions consultants, academic advisors, and tutors know exactly what it takes to make you stand out! We offer bespoke and comprehensive services that take into account your values, goals, needs, and individual preferences. Contact us to learn more.


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