We are independent educational consultants in Columbia Grammar & Preparatory admissions.

Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School caters to students from PK to 12th Grade. Their curriculum is specially designed to address the needs of students at different levels and provide all the support to make sure that each and every individual reaches his/her fullest potential. Aside from academics, the school boasts of its signature programs to let children explore and discover their interests and eventually help them develop the skills necessary to succeed. Students engage in a variety of activities from sports, music, arts, math competitions, STEAM programs, research, civic education, and so much more. As unaffiliated, independent educational consultants, we understand how hard it is to get into Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School. We know how to successfully navigate the admissions process and we can help your child stand out in the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School admissions.


    We can help you successfully go through the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School admissions process.

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