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Collegiate School, located in the beautiful city of New York, is a highly-rated all-boys school that caters to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Nation-wide, the Collegiate School holds the 3rd rank in the bests among 28 other all-boys high schools. It is also ranked 2nd among the bests all-boys high schools in New York City and even in the entire state. Ideally, with an outstanding reputation such as this, Collegiate School students should have an admissions advantage to set themselves apart from others. However, in our nearly 20 years in the educational consulting industry, we often find Collegiate School students who do not know how to leverage their school heritage in the college application process. As your dependable partners, we will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to help you get into your dream school. From helping you write a good narrative for your essays and personal statements to providing you with an avenue to practice answering common interview questions, we have everything you need! At Cardinal Education, we offer academic advising, tutoring, SAT practice tests and ACT practice tests, interview preparation, and college counseling services.


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