We know how to help Asian Americans successfully navigate Chartwell School admissions.

Students with ADHD, dyslexia, and other language-based learning disabilities from 1st to 12th grade can attend Chartwell School, a college-preparatory institution. There is a small class size, and professors are focused on their progress and development. Each high school student has a different schedule based on their interests, learning preferences, and path to graduation and admittance into college.

As independent educational consultants, we are aware of the challenges Asian Americans face associated with applying to the best private K–12 schools in California, such as Chartwell School, Seaside CA. Our academic coaches can assist your child in honing academic functioning skills so they are prepared for the evaluation on shadow day. Additionally, we will help you become ready for the following application requirements:

1. Parent Statement
2. Student Statement
3. Psycho-educational Assessment
4. School Records
5. Transcripts
6. Placement Test

Let us make your child stand out in Chartwell admissions.


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