In our experience, Asian Americans need more help in the Castilleja School admissions process.

Castilleja is not only one of the leading schools in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, but is also regarded as one of the leading girls’ schools in the world! Given its small size, Castilleja School is surprisingly strong in a wide variety of programs and is well-known for its unique approach to producing young women as leaders. There are many rules for admissions and we know how to get into Castilleja School successfully. For almost 20 years, we have specialized in giving Asian American students an advantage in a tough admissions process. We help with tutoring, Proctored Writing Sample, interview preparation, admissions essay writing, parent statements, and academic coaching. As we are unaffiliated independent educational consultants, we can offer unbiased advice. Learn more about what it takes to attend Castilleja School.


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